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Here you will find our videos, podcasts, photo galleries, interviews and much more, which we produce together with our institutes about the latest projects in the field of ICT! And of course, we are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

InnoVisions – The future magazine of the Fraunhofer ICT Group

The “Future Magazine InnoVisions (Zukunftsmagazin InnoVisions)” is an interactive web platform that reports on current projects and research topics of the ICT institutes in an understandable way. Background information and further links to the participating research and industry partners as well as to studies on the topic supplement the editorial articles. Additional image and video material also increase the clarity of the innovations presented.

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Ancestor gallery InnoVisions - from print to online magazine
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Ancestor gallery InnoVisions - from print to online magazine

Since 2006, the Fraunhofer ICT Group has been using “InnoVisions” as a platform for future technologies and innovations. Initially produced as a print magazine, the first article was published on the InnoVisions online platform in 2011. In February 2017, the complete makeover took place: “InnoVisions” was launched with a new design, a new address and a new logo. The main focus was on the preparation – new formats made the content even more vivid and “snackable”. To this end, we reprogrammed the entire editorial system and adapted it to the needs of a modern online editorial team. Dossiers summarize all content, experts and events, with a responsive design and formats such as picture series and video podcasts, we are now even more able to meet the reading and reception habits of Internet users.

The fascination of science and research in the IT sector is not always easy to describe and illustrate, because most of the decisive breakthroughs do not occur in laboratories with expensive special equipment or in futuristic prototypes, but on simple office PCs. Reports on high-tech research are therefore often very technical.

But science communication has the task of reporting on the progress and successes, but also on the dead ends and one-way streets of research, in such a way that those who are concerned can get a comprehensive picture. There is enough material for this - almost every day we receive news about project milestones, new partnerships as well as finished prototypes and demonstrators from our member institutes at the Fraunhofer ICT Group.

“InnoVisions” is not an article production machine that simply publishes more or less interesting news several times a day. All articles, videos and interviews are carefully researched by our editors and linked with useful information. From the very beginning, we have made it our task to accompany the most exciting research projects of the Fraunhofer ICT institutes in a journalistic manner. Technologies, however complex they may be, are always presented in connection with their application. We dare to use technical terms and words with three syllables and more. Nevertheless, when writing, we make sure that the sometimes very complex and abstract details of technological developments are presented as clearly as possible.

At “InnoVisions”, the researchers and developers behind the developments play a more important role than before. In particular, the platform enables uncomplicated contact to these experts.

The media find suggestions for their reporting. Companies will find points of contact for cooperation here. “InnoVisions” offers potential and already existing industrial partners informative presentations of the latest Fraunhofer developments. The online magazine also allows developers, managers and editors as well as generally interested visitors direct feedback to the institutes.

You also have the opportunity to receive the “InnoVisions” newsletter by email, which gives you a regular brief overview of the current topics and events of the IUK network.

On our Youtube channel Fraunhofer InnoVisions you will find films about innovative projects from the Fraunhofer Institutes, but also interviews with IT experts and contributions to events in the IT industry. Our Facebook page combines news from the Fraunhofer and IT worlds with event tips and links to current articles.

The Twitter channel @Fraunhofer_IUK not only provides real-time “InnoVisions” updates, but also the latest tweets from IT research and development in general.