Reliable cyber physical systems

Einsatz von sicherer Software für kritische Infrastrukturen.
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Software is the heart of innovative systems and secures the sustainable future of our society and economy. We are convinced that the networking of systems and sensors to form a collaborative, smart ecosystem will determine our future. For this reason, the highest quality requirements are placed on software in safety-critical systems. Increasing system complexity is becoming a growing challenge for companies. The development of software is subject to complex processes with many different actors. While software in embedded systems has so far had longer development and innovation cycles and technology has progressed more slowly, it will become increasingly difficult in the future to escape the development speed of IT systems. Customers increasingly expect the flexibility and intelligence they are used to from smartphones and cloud applications for technical systems.

The Fraunhofer ICT Group develops innovative methods and solutions for the development of high-quality, complex information systems and embedded systems. System development is progressing methodically and technologically with new approaches such as model-based development. As a result, increasingly complex systems can be developed in ever shorter cycles. Against the background of ever faster system extensions and the high variety of variants, we develop new methods and tool chains for the development of safe and reliable software systems. The aim is not only to “produce” more software in less time, but also to eliminate errors and weaknesses. Reliability and reliability are becoming important performance indicators for hardware and software systems. Structured approaches for test processes and quality assurance help to consider these aspects already in the software development process. In addition to increasing quality and reducing costs, research in this area is increasingly concentrating on scaling effects and greater interoperability.

Core competencies

  • Requirement analyses
  • Software architectures
  • Software development processes
  • Software development tools
  • Systematic and automated software testing

Fields of application

Cyberphysical systems represent the technological basis of the combination of IT and the physical world and play an important role in more and more areas such as automotive, aviation, transport, energy, production, health, infrastructure and entertainment. If machines, plants and automation technology are to continue to meet the quality seal “Made in Germany”, the traditionally high-quality standards must also be applied to their constantly increasing software share. Software that has to meet these high requirements can now be found in the products of almost all industrial sectors.

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