AI in Germany – Yesterday, today, tomorrow

At their New Year's Reception under the heading "Artificial Intelligence in Germany - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", the Fraunhofer ICT Group and the German Informatics Society honored ten influential figures in German AI history.

In the context of the project "#KI50: Artificial Intelligence in Germany - yesterday, today, tomorrow" of the Gesellschaft für Informatik, a jury of 18 transdisciplinary AI experts under the direction of the GI department "Artificial Intelligence" selected ten influential thinkers of German AI history. At the New Year's Reception of the Gesellschaft für Informatik and the Fraunhofer Group for IUK Technology, the outstanding AI scientists were honored in a festive ceremony. The grandees of German AI research also met #KI50 newcomers on stage and talked about relevant developments in the transdisciplinary field of research.