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Today starts the premiere of the virtual Fraunhofer Solution Days

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S+T+ARTS Residencies

The Fraunhofer ICT Group was one of the important partners in the S+T+ARTS Residencies program in the EU-funded S+T+ARTS project. On July 2, 2020, the program was concluded at the conference "ART CREATES INDUSTRY: Empathic AI - Art shapes Industry".

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AI in Germany – Yesterday, today, tomorrow

At their New Year's Reception under the heading "Artificial Intelligence in Germany - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", the Fraunhofer ICT Group and the German Informatics Society honored ten influential figures in German AI history.

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Golden Globe for Fraunhofer?

Normally there are no movie awards for Fraunhofer technologies. But why is a member of the Fraunhofer ICT Group, together with director Chris Butler and the LAIKA Studios, nevertheless delighted to receive a Golden Globe for the best animated film? Because for the stop-motion film "Missing Link" the color 3D printing technology of Fraunhofer IGD was used.

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Fraunhofer ICT Group


Fraunhofer Solution Days 2020: 26.10.–29.10.2020

From October 26-29, 2020, we will address four topics of high relevance to the innovative strength of Germany and Europe: Health. Digital economy. Plant and mechanical engineering. Mobility. Follow interesting presentations on current technology highlights and significant solutions, visit our exhibitors virtually and exchange ideas with Fraunhofer experts in live chats. In all four subject areas we focus on achieving a global competitive advantage with innovations and holistic solutions. Our goal is to ensure the technological sovereignty and resilience of the German and European economy. We remain a driving force even in crises and provide answers to the question of what makes a society more resilient. You can benefit from our know-how and our demand-, market-, technology- and industry-oriented research.
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Project conclusion with symposium and exhibition

Since its launch in 2015, the EU-funded S+T+ARTS project has advanced the integration of artistic activity and innovation. The Fraunhofer IUK Group was an important partner in the S+T+ARTS Residencies subprogram, which was set up to support and finance artist residencies with technology partners. On July 2, 2020, the program was concluded at the conference "ART CREATES INDUSTRY: Empathic AI - Art shapes Industry".
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AI in Germany – Yesterday, today, tomorrow

At their New Year's Reception under the heading "Artificial Intelligence in Germany - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", the Fraunhofer ICT Group and the German Informatics Society honored ten influential figures in German AI history.
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The Fraunhofer ESK in Munich becomes the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS

Since 1 December 2019, the former Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems ESK has been known as the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS. With the renaming and the associated reorientation, the institute intends to conduct application-oriented research into reliable software engineering for safety-critical applications in the automotive and industrial 4.0 sectors. The aim is to secure artificial intelligence in such a way that it can also be used without hesitation in autonomous systems.
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Programmed for

As the largest European ICT research association, the Fraunhofer ICT Group is a contact point for industrial customers and the media. The strengths of the member institutes are strategically bundled and jointly marketed.

News from our member institutes


Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen / 6.2.2020

Fraunhofer software helps power immersive music services for Amazon Echo Studio smart speaker

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, inventor of mp3 and primary developer of AAC, MPEG-H Audio and other MPEG standard audio codecs, announced today that Amazon has become an important music-centric licensee of its MPEG-H audio decoder software, included in the new Echo Studio. MPEG-H is the novel audio scheme used for new immersive music services including those based on the Sony 360 Reality Audio format. 360 Reality Audio services from Amazon Music HD on the Echo Studio are enabled by the Fraunhofer software.


Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin / 16.1.2020

Dissertation by Pablo Wilke Berenguer rated summa cum laude

Pablo Wilke Berenguer, research associate at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI, completed his dissertation on "Physical Layer Reliability Aspects in Industrial Optical Wireless Communication" at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) with the final mark summa cum laude, in June 2019.


Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt / 9.1.2020

Passport photos at passport offices only? Morphing forgeries put pressure on officials

Criminals have been finding weaknesses in biometric photos for some time now. “Face morphing”, as it is called, plays not least into the hands of human smugglers. Fraunhofer IGD technology is helping uncover forged documents and make IDs more forgery-proof.


Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt / 8.1.2020

Golden Globes 2020 – Fraunhofer software "Cuttlefish" produced over 106,000 faces

"Missing Link" by LAIKA won the Golden Globe in the category "Best Animated Feature". Every single facial expression in the movie was printed in 3D. The studio used the 3D printer driver "Cuttlefish" by the Fraunhofer IGD.


Fraunhofer SIT, Darmstadt / 25.11.2019

MEVIS draw: Our Free Software for Interactive Segmentation of Medical Images

Fraunhofer MEVIS provides the software MEVIS draw for creating and editing segmentations on 3D medical images for free download. MEVIS draw supports clinicians and AI researchers in interactively annotating data such as CT or MR images.

MEVIS draw offers intuitive brush and freehand interactions for drawing and modifying contours. An interpolation automatically fills in contours and updates them after each interaction, thus making 3D segmentation very efficient. Import of images and segmentations created with other software as well as export of results are supported in various formats, such as DICOM (including SEG and RTSTRUCT), MetaImage, MLImage, NiFTI, and NRRD. MEVIS draw is available for Windows and Linux. A macOS version is planned for 2020.


Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin / 13.11.2019

Fraunhofer Radio Technology becomes part of the worldwide Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is an industry association for the development of Open Solutions, in which all well-known players of the worldwide telecommunications industry are represented. The aim is to give everyone in the world access to the Internet. Fraunhofer FIT's "Wireless Backhaul" (WiBACK) radio relay technology will be a key component of TIP’s OpenCellular project for bringing the Internet to remote, sparsely populated regions.


Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern / 8.11.2019

Autonomous Agriculture in 2045? New Study about the Autonomous Agricultural Machinery Market

The development and introduction of machines ranging from highly automated to driverless will have a strong impact on global agriculture. This inevitably raises the question of how fast and to what extent the new technologies will determine the market in the future.


Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin / 8.11.2019

With 5G campus networks on the way to the wireless factory site

At the end of October, the Bundesnetzagentur published the fees for frequencies in the range from 3.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz for local applications, thus laying the foundation for campus networks, i.e. a company's own network on factory premises. Fraunhofer FOKUS discussed the technical implementation of such private networks with partners from industry and science at the Industrial IoT (IIoT) Forum and the FOKUS FUSECO Forum (FFF) from November 6-8, 2019, and presented various 5G demonstrations for the factory of the future.