Tools and process solutions for hospitals, task forces and authorities


Fraunhofer IAIS

Analysis and visualization of COVID-19 infection chains.

Fraunhofer IAIS scientists are analyzing the COVID-19 infection chains to enable health departments to better understand local infection patterns. As a result, concrete measures can be more effectively determined, implemented, and strategically expanded as needed.


Fraunhofer IKS

Wiretless health monitoring of infectious patient groups.

Sensors can be used to monitor the health data of infectious patients without contact. This minimizes the risk of infection for nursing staff. Fraunhofer IKS is testing an ear sensor to ensure that it is safe enough for use in hospitals.


Fraunhofer SCS

Fair and fast allocation of scarce and protection equipment

In the allocation and distribution of critical protective equipment, analytics and mathematical optimization offer a solution approach save valuable time in supplying the demand carriers.


Fraunhofer FIT

Corona certificates via blockchain

The "Blockchain for Education" project is a solution for the fraud-proof issuance and management of digital certificates, primarily in the education sector.

The application area can be transferred with few modifications. It thus fulfills all the prerequisites to act as a reliable platform for secure Corona certificates in the Covid-19 crisis.


Fraunhofer FOKUS


"CoronaWarn by KATWARN" is an exit module in the sense of occupational safety: departments or teams, but also offices and factory halls can be informed ad hoc via cell phone and provided with behavioral instructions. A confirmation function records receipt of the message from occupational safety.


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Tracing app components to contain coronavirus pandemic

Not an app, but a robust system for location and contact tracking of Covid 19 sufferers. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft puts previous developments of its tracing app at the service of a decentralized solution at the federal leveld.


Fraunhofer IAIS

Voice assistance and conversational systems for hands-free device control

The Fraunhofer Institutes IAIS and IIS are developing voice-controlled dialog systems with a focus on domain-specific knowledge. In this way, solutions can be provided for the healthcare sector that enable touch-free interaction with medical devices.


Fraunhofer IAIS

Medical Data Science Campus for solving data science issues

Investigate data science issues in an agile and targeted manner


Fraunhofer IAIS

Automation and digitization of clinical processes

Support in identifying, automating, and accelerating digital processes in the Corona Crisis.


Fraunhofer IVI

New "MobiKat" module for unbound helpers

The joint command and situation center of the aid organizations in Saxony has already been using the "MobiKat" system of the Fraunhofer IVI for several years to manage operations. For "Team Saxony", a new MobiKat module was developed that holds all data on helpers and requests for help, thus supporting matching and the subsequent organizational steps.


Fraunhofer IGD

Clinical situation control center

"Health@Hand" can be used in emergency and crisis situations as a central control station for decision support and data analysis. Here, all the necessary information for situation assessment and decision-making converges at a single point.

Critical situations can thus be resolved more quickly and tasks processed faster and more smoothly.


Fraunhoer IESE

BaSys: Convertible manufacturing for Industry 4.0

Manufacturing plants are designed for the mass production of identical goods. Convertible production, on the other hand, makes it possible to respond more quickly to a change in demand - such as for respirators or respiratory equipment.


Fraunhofer IOSB

Electronic Situation Display Civil Protection

Based on a framework for web-based information systems, Fraunhofer IOSB is developing a tool that Baden-Württemberg authorities use for staff work and crisis management: the Electronic Situation Display Civil Protection (ELD-BS). 


Fraunhofer IESE

Process optimization in mass patient emergencies

A tool from Fraunhofer IESE supports medical coordinators in mass patient emergencies. Bed-specific recording of available and occupied capacities for intensive care and normal beds as well as for heart-lung machines is now possible. These data are important sources of information for the disposition of COVID-19 patients.


Fraunhofer ISST

Virtual hospital with electronic case records

In order to be able to optimally treat critically ill COVID-19 patients, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has launched the "Virtual Hospital NRW" ahead of schedule. The "Electronic Case Record" of the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST provides an important building block for telemedicine-supported care.


Fraunhofer IAO

Corona test station

A novel measurement method helps to detect Corona-infected persons from a safe distance. It registers fever, elevated pulse and rapid breathing without endangering the employee taking the measurement. The Fraunhofer Institutes IPA and IAO are currently testing the method at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart.


Fraunhofer IOSB-AST

Disinfect smartphones quickly and safely with light

Chemical disinfection of smartphones and tablets is often problematic. Fraunhofer IOSB-AST from Ilmenau has developed an innovation based on so-called UVC light. Within a few seconds, the devices can be freed from bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.


Fraunhofer FOKUS

A telemedicine platform for intensive care treatment

The Innovation Fund project ERIC, in which Fraunhofer FOKUS is involved as a project partner, successfully completes patient recruitment in March as part of a selective contract with BARMER. Currently, the telemedical platform set up for ERIC is being expanded for the COVID-19 situation center in Berlin.