Coronawarn by KATWARN

Exiting the Corona pandemic will take months, perhaps even more than a year. For companies and administrations, this means developing strategies now to protect your employees.

Central to this is the immediate and pinpoint notification of (potentially) infected employees to stop further spread and ensure safety in the organization.

"CoronaWarn by KATWARN" is a verifiable exit module in terms of occupational safety: predefined groups (e.g. departments, teams) or areas (e.g. offices, factory halls) can be informed ad hoc via cell phone and provided with behavioral instructions. A confirmation function is used to record receipt of the message by the occupational safety department.

  • Non-public Corona warnings in companies and administrations
  • Limitation to defined recipient groups and areas
  • Return channel for read confirmation
  • High accessibility of employees through app use (e.g., even in private time).
  • For employees who already use KATWARN, no additional app is necessary (currently many millions of users)
  • Easy administration of user groups and Corona alerts
  • Subscribable Corona news channel for regular occupational health and safety updates
  • Can be used in parallel to / after the Corona pandemic as a general (internal) warning system (currently e.g. BASF SE)