70 years of Fraunhofer - 70 years of the future

Driven by our spirit of research, we invent the world of tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Because the future is the driving force behind the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. We ask the right questions and find new answers: solutions that directly benefit industry and society. How do we build intelligent machines that everyone trusts? How can drugs be manufactured in such a way that they help patients faster and cheaper? How do we make everyone feel safer responsibly? And how do we know which idea is the right one? As researchers, entrepreneurs and visionaries, we see ourselves not only as the clock-setters of science, but also of society. Our success is visible in our innovative strength, in our partners and employees - and not least in our 70-year history. Side by side with our view of tomorrow's topics, it makes us curious about the future. Because looking back at yesterday and today inspires us to keep asking: What's next?