Big Data management and analytics

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The digitalization of economy and society represents a fundamental change, which increasingly not only affects the information technology sector, but also leads to a disruptive change in other, classical industries. We have more and more data at our disposal – not only about our customers and business processes, but also about machines, devices and infrastructures (“Internet of Things”) due to the increasing spread of intelligent sensor technology. The large amount of this available data (“big data”) not only makes it possible to do what has been done better and more efficiently, but also makes it possible to think about completely new digital business models within or across companies, which will lead to the cards being reshuffled in certain markets faster than ever before.

It is therefore crucial for companies to address digitization and the importance of data early and in depth. Big data is not only a technical issue of the right choice of architectures for data centers and storage systems, but above all a strategic issue in the use of data for new value creation (“data-driven companies”).

The Fraunhofer ICT Group therefore supports companies at the strategic level in identifying data with unused potential, whether for new business models or for efficiency gains. On the other hand, it supports companies, if desired, in the realization of the resulting concrete projects, be it the analysis of data, the selection of analysis systems and algorithms or the configuration of corresponding high-performance and scalable infrastructures.

For this purpose, 30 Fraunhofer Institutes combine their cross-sector expertise in the Fraunhofer Alliance Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This enables us to put together teams in which Big Data experts work together with industry experts to develop suitable solutions for companies. In addition, the Big Data Alliance provides a comprehensive range of training courses, from compact seminars for executives to in-house training courses and comprehensive data science training as part of the Fraunhofer Academy.

Core competencies

  • Technical conception of Big Data architectures
  • Big Data analytics
  • Visual analytics
  • Systems and algorithms for data analysis
  • Potential analysis
  • Training in data science

Fields of application

  • Production and Industry 4.0
  • Logistics and mobility
  • Life sciences and healthcare
  • Energy and environment
  • Safety and security
  • Business and finance

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